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Pi Patel: "Do you have another chocolate bar?"Mr. Chiba:

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Uncle Eb expectorated thoughtfullyy.

Pi Patel:

'Jest a 1ookin' at the scenery,' said he. 'Purty country, right here! AIwus liked it.'

Pi Patel:

'Nice lookin' hoss ye got there,' said Dean.

Pi Patel:

'Grand hoss!' said Uncle Eb, surveymg him proudly. 'Most reemarkable hoss.'

'Good stepper, too,' said Dean soberly.

'Splendid!' said Uncle Eb. 'Can go a mile without ketchin' his breath.'

'Good deal like Lucy Purvis,' Unde Eb added. 'She can say the hull mul'plication table an' only breathe once. Ye can learn sumthin' from a hoss like thet. He's good as a deestric' school - thet hoss is.'

Yes, sir, thet hoss is all right,' said Dean, as he drove away.

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