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Tulliver. “But you mustn’t put a spoke i’ the wheel

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'The man that gives advice is a bigger fool than the man that takes it,' he fleered impatiently. 'Go and do your best!'

Tulliver. “But you mustn’t put a spoke i’ the wheel

Before he had given me this injunction he had dipped his pen and begun to write hurriedly. If I had known him longer I should have known that, while he had been talking to me, that tireless mind of his had summoned him to its service. I went out, in high spirits, and sat down a moment on one of the benches in the little park near by, to think it all over. He was going to measure my judgement, my skill as a writer- my resources. 'Rats,' I said to myself thoughtfully. 1 had read much about them. They infested the ships, they overran the wharves, they traversed the sewers. An inspiration came to me. I started for the waterfront, asking my way every block or two. Near the East River I met a policeman - a big, husky, good-hearted Irishman.

Tulliver. “But you mustn’t put a spoke i’ the wheel

'Can you tell me,' I said, 'who can give me information about rats?'

Tulliver. “But you mustn’t put a spoke i’ the wheel

'Rats?' he repeated. 'What d' ye wan't' know about thim?'

'Everything,'I said. 'They ve just given me a job on the New York Tribune,'I added proudly.

He smiled good-naturedly. He had looked through me at a glance.

'Just say "Tribune",' he said. 'Ye don't have t say "New York Tribune" here. Come along wi me.'

He took me to a dozen or more of the dock masters.

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